100+ Birthday Wishes in English for Girlfriend {Lover}

Birthday Wishes in English for Girlfriend : You have come here in search for Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend in English. Believe it, you will not be disappointed from here. Here we have collected about 100+ Birthday Wish in English for Lover (Girlfriend). All Wishes Messages are very good. After that we have also made DP, Images, Pictures of very good Birthday Wishes and Status for Girlfriend. Hope this post helps you. Let’s see…
100+ Birthday Wishes in English for Girlfriend {Lover}
100+ Birthday Wishes in English for Girlfriend {Lover}

Birthday Wishes in English for Girlfriend

This is a great opportunity to please your lover. Do not let this go. You are receiving great SMS, Status and Best Shayari for Your Girlfriend from these “Birthday Wishes for Lover” post. It is a matter of great pleasure for us.

You are the best thing that has
happened in my life✨,
and I wish you have
an awesome birthday.
You deserve it my Love❤️,
and I will make sure
your dreams come true.
🎂Happy Birthday to you….🎂 Love❤️You so Much.😘

life✨ is offering you a new year
And I am so glad to share this special😍 day with you, my dear
I wish you lots of happiness on your special😍 day
🎂🍫Happy Birthday🍫🎂

🎂💝Happy Birthday💝🎂 to
a special😍 person who is
bringing so much joy
to my heart💖.
I am thankful for
every moment we spend together,
and I wish our happiness never ends.
🎂💝Happy Birthday💝🎂. Lv u.😘

The moon and the stars
are not enough to
express my Love❤️ you.
Have a wonderful birthday.

I have never met a person
who is as sweet as you are.
On this day, we celebrate
your sweetness by eating a sweet cake🎂
and drinking some sweet wine.😘
💝Happy Birthday💝 My Love❤️.

In my life✨, you’re the most important thing
Because of the joy you bring
I shall forever cherish you
On your finger, I want to put a ring
On your lips💋, I want to plant a kiss
And let you know how deep my Love❤️ for you is
🎂💝Happy Birthday💝🎂

I hope every day puts a smile🙂 on your face,
and whatever you wish for, comes true.
I hope you never forget me,
as I will never forget you.
Warm wishes for your Birthday Honey.😘

I am the luckiest person on Earth because
I have the most wonderful person by my side.
Thank you for being my rock,
🎂💝Happy Birthday💝🎂 my sweet pie.

I wish your birthday is as beautiful and
full of Love❤️ as you are.
You deserve only the best, and
I wish that for you Best wishes my Love❤️.

It means so much to me
To have you with me as my true Lover
To be your friend forever
I wish you all the joy in the world
🎂💝Happy Birthday💝🎂, my Love❤️
There is never a day that I will not think of you.
I am captivated by your Love❤️,
and I am thankful you chose
me to be by your side.
I Love❤️ you and
I hope you have a wonderful birthday.😘

Today is your special😍 day.
Let me be your genie.
Every wish you make,
I will fulfill it.
🎂💝Happy Birthday💝🎂 my Love❤️.

My sweet and beautiful girlfriend
Thank you for being my best friend
I have no doubt in my mind
That you are heaven-sent
And that is why my Love❤️ for you will never end
🎂Happy Birthday🎂

🎂💝Happy Birthday💝🎂 to my dearest friend and Love❤️.
Thank you for bringing happiness into my life✨.
I Love❤️ you with all my heart💖,
and my feelings for you grow stronger with every day.

I wish I could attach my heart💖 to this Birthday wish.
Only then you might understand how much you mean to me.
I wish you are always happy,
and I will try to make that reality for you.


May life✨ bring you everything you are dreaming about.
Congratulations on your birthday,
and have a blast on this day.
Happy Birthday my angel.😘
I wish I could write across
the sky so that everyone could see it.
But instead, I will kiss you and
hug you so that you know you are truly Love❤️d.
I am happy that you👉 choose
to share your special😍 day with me.
Thank you for everything
you have done for me.
You are my sweetheart💖,
and I will always Love❤️ you.


Another year has passed
Another season has come
Another moment is here
To wish you lots of Love❤️
🎂💝Happy Birthday💝🎂

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